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Due to COVID-19 precautions, we can only accept donations that are new, unused, and in the original unopened packaging. We cannot accept homemade food. All food should be store bought, unopened and individually packaged.


Debido a las precauciones para el COVID-19, solo podemos aceptar donaciones nuevas, sin usar y en su empaque original sin abrir. No podemos aceptar alimentos hechos en casa. Todos los alimentos deben ser comprados en la tienda y ser almacenados y empacados individualmente.


  • Does anyone know if this applies to clothes and sleepingbags/sheets/blankets? I know undergarments need to be new...but what about others?

    JennCohen "(over 1 year ago)"
  • This is opposite from Linn County who took clean and good quality clothes, sleeping bags/sheets/blankets.

    chaplenl "(over 1 year ago)"
  • Are you accepting clean, good quality USED clothes in Benton County?

    jann.bracht "(over 1 year ago)"
  • I went to Benton County yesterday and they will only take new due to COVID precautions. They will take ALL new supplies though - clothes, food, diapers, hygiene, etc. at the library for Benton County still.

    JennCohen "(over 1 year ago)"
  • Try Vina Moses for all used items

    MDG "(over 1 year ago)"
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