Urgent Need for the following Items

posted over 1 year ago by BCWildfireResponse from Benton County Labels: donations
This update is over 30 days old.

Bedding (pillows, blankets, sheets) New items only please!


  • What size sheets?

    tullosd "(over 1 year ago)"
  • Please tell us what size sheets are needed

    Dianaellie "(over 1 year ago)"
  • Twin size

    BCWildfireResponse "(over 1 year ago)"
  • new bedding items are very expensive. If you would accept bedding that has been washed in bleach and soap, it should be sanitary enough for the covid conditions. I would like to donate some bedding - but it is prohibitive.

    tjmccormick "(over 1 year ago)"
  • I have a new set of twin sheets. I can drop them off at the library with "dianaellie" note on them.

    bjorksa "(over 1 year ago)"
  • Sorry, I thought this was to a specific person, but it looks like the sheets are a general need?

    bjorksa "(over 1 year ago)"
  • Just checking if bedding is still needed. What specific thing do you need the most

    Tstahl "(over 1 year ago)"
  • Linn County fairgrounds is accepting used items - so if you have used I would recommend bringing them there. Benton County still only taking new at last check.

    JennCohen "(over 1 year ago)"
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